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Preserving Hawaiian ancestry is an important part of our mission.  The Kamehameha Foundation is dedicated to preserve the legitimate aliʻi ancestry of the royal house of the Hawaiian Kingdom.   While connecting other Hawaiian genealogies with their ancestors according to their kuleana.


The Royal Family

H.M. King Kamehameha III, H.M. Queen Kalama, H.R.H. Alexander Lihiliho,

H.R.H. Lot Kamehameha and H.R.H. Victoria Kamamalu

boki & liliha.jpg

High Cheifess Liliha and husband Boki




High Cheifess Elizabeth

Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui

Mea ulana lole


In this day and age, the important role of the aliʻi is almost completely dissipated from the traditional lives of Hawaiians. 


In the past, the aliʻi would take care of the makaʻainana and by caring for the makaʻainana, the aliʻi was caring for the aina. The makaʻainana were the caretakers and workers of the land. They, with the land, produced food for the nation, a productive aina could feed a larger community.

The lives of high ranking aliʻi were regulated by many kapu, or restrictions. One's shadow was not allowed to fall on the high aliʻi or their house and only other aliʻi could enter the house of another aliʻi by its private doorway, all these practices kept the mana strong for the aliʻi. The high ranking aliʻi were looked after by many attendants, commoners were required to prostrate themselves in the presence of their aliʻi.  The moʻi was also attended by many - most often high-ranking aliʻi themselves, they sat with the moʻi while he ate, entertained him at night with stories, dances and games, looked after his food, cared for his religious idols, composed chants for him, and watched over him as he slept. 

The role of the aliʻi changed over time and in 1840, Ka Moʻi Kauikeaouli - Kamehameha III established a constitutional Hawaiian kingdom independent nation and adopted christian ways however, the king's kuleana to the makaʻainana and akua remained.


Today the descendants of the high chiefs, the kaukau aliʻi, fishermans, weavers, chanters and other kuleana live under an American government.  How can we apply the responsibility of the aliʻi to other kuleana in todays modern times?

The Kamehameha Foundation is a gateway to connect Hawaiʻi's people with their ancestor's kuleana, from the past to the present and for the future of all Hawaiʻi.



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