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Kamehameha Foundation​


Platinum Jubilee Fundraiser for Charity in the name of

HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani for Hawaiʻi Charities

October 30, 2023 will be the Platinum Jubilee Celebration for HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani


One of the best gifts we can give to Princess Owana for her Platinum Jubilee Celebration is to support the many charitable projects in Hawaiʻi through the Kamehameha Foundation under her royal patronage.  Please help surprise Princess Owana this year by donating $25.00 USD or more to the Kamehameha Foundation.  With your help we can make this an excellent surprise to the princess knowing that her loyal officers, knights, dames & friends is thinking of her and supports her future charitable endeavors.  Please take the time to browse the Kamehameha Foundation website and learn more about the charities and good causes.

A special birthday card will be given to Princess Owana with the listing of all the people

who have contributed to the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Fundraiser for Charity.

Donate Here for the Platinum Jubilee Fundraiser for Charity

in celebration for HRH Princess Owana Kaʻōhelelani

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