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Helping Hawaii's Houseless Communities

In 2018-2019, the Kamehameha Foundation raised money to support the Project Hawaiʻi Christmas Wish Program for homeless children to help reach the goal of 350 children on Oʻahu to supply them with hygiene items. 

Mahalo to all our supporters who contributed to this noble cause for our homeless keiki living in Hawaiʻi.

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Kamehameha Foundation is currently raising funds to aid in the houseless children, please join us in supporting this worthy cause.


The funds raised will be directed to the aid and support for houseless children throughout all Hawaii. The children are in dire need of shelter, food, clothing, educational materials, art and music supplies, counselling, medical, and every humane necessity. Your compassionate donation will truly help make a difference in their lives.


For example, supplying these houseless children with the basic living and hygiene items will help keep them healthy. Having proper attire for school will help their personal self-esteem and boost their self-confidence. Art and music will bring joy to their hearts and promote sharing as part of their way of life.


Please take this most worthy cause to your heart and give generously and often, even regularly.

Donate for the Houseless Here

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December, 2020:

Kamehameha Foundation's Maui Board Member, Elle Cochran meets Magin Patrick and Cliff Kama Sr., the Co- Founders and Directors of Project Hawai'i Inc. to donate to their charity works and supply Christmas gifts to help the 177 homeless keiki on the island of Maui.

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The Kamehameha Foundation donates canvas coverings for the self-designated houseless community in Lydgate park called Lydgate Lahui near Kamalani Kai on the island of Kaua'i

Donate for the Houseless Here

The Kamehameha Foundation supported the Lydgate Lahui at Kamalani Kai. 


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