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Kamehameha Foundation​



HOʻOLŌKAHI / INCLUSION ~ the Hawaiian word Hoʻolōkahi expresses Inclusion as it exemplifies unity with accord, peace, the presence of being together and building community.

HOʻOMAU / PERPETUAL ~ the root rests in that which is Perpetual and everlasting. Thus the qualities that ring true to this value called Hoʻomau are unceasing, constant, continual and forever.

HOʻOLALE / ADVOCACY ~ the essence of Advocacy is entwined in the Hawaiian word Hoʻolale which means to encourage, urge on, stir into action, hasten, incite, suggest strongly.

PONO / BALANCE ~ as codified by H.M. King Kamehameha III at the return of sovereignty to the Hawaiian Kingdom, Pono embellishes a royal decree of uprightness, moral duty, balance, wellness, excellence, goodness, propriety, justness and fairness.

ALOHA / COMPASSION ~ the Hawaiian word Aloha encompasses the essence of Compassion, mercy, kindness and charity. We endeavor to dispel the myths that Aloha is simply hello and goodbye. We endeavor to share the gift given to us all by kupuna pilahi pakī, as well as the deeper meaning of each syllable: Alo-hā.

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